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  • jacqueline

    Keep Natural, Keep Cool!

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    This April is a hot and humid one, for sure. Here are some tips from Bollywood stars on how to stay cool and keep your skin fresh and glowing. Katrina Kaif Start with water: I start my day with four glasses of water, avoid foods with starch and focus on having fresh boiled vegetables and…

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  • pink high heeled sandal

    Colour is in this year!

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    Hot, bright colours are in fashion this year and you can be as bold and beautiful as you like! Use colourful accessories to brighten an outfit, or simply go bold with colour in your clothes! Mix and match colours, use soft pastels with neon highlights and break all the rules with hot hot colours you…

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  • Fashion Article 2 - style 4

    Top 5 hot-weather styles for long hair

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    It seems that it’s always hot hot hot in Sri Lanka these days,and if you have long hair,it can be a killer! If you’ve simply been putting your hair up in a boring pony tail,or using one of those ugly hair-tie gadgets, here are some trendy, do-it-yourself styles that will keep your hair up and…

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  • Image 3 - tshirt

    Heat-wave Style!

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    When the heat is on, you can be stylish & hot! Don’t turn into a rubber-slipper kolla, keep your sense of style and fashion while also staying cool!

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  • How to be a great boss!

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    For many people, getting that promotion which makes you a boss is a fantastic experience. But soon, the challenges of being a boss will begin and this is more for women. Here are some tips from leading women business leaders on how you can be a woman and a great boss too! Forget being liked….

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  • Top 5 Relationship Killers

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    Ever wondered what can kill your perfect relationship? Well we’ve scanned a lot of the expert advice and results of studies and come up with these top 5 relationship killers. Read on and make sure they don’t kill your romance! No 5: Family & Friends Her friends and family are important. As are his. And…

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  • Eyes 1

    All in the Eyes!

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    Be the hot babe at all the parties this season by highlighting your eyes in any one of these show-stopping styles:

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  • Aishwarya

    Bollywood Stars go Retro!

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    Be inspired to go retro like Bollywood stars – choose your retro style and create a fashionista buzz this season.

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  • strawberries

    Yummy Fruity!

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    So you knew that fruits were good and healthy… but did you also know they are fantastic for your skin?

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